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Colin Fitzgibbon is a massage therapist, writer, musician, and a teacher of kundalini yoga and meditation. He was given the name Sat Randhir Singh, which translates to Warrior of Truth, to teach Kundalini Yoga after a life-affirming meditative experience during his teacher training in 2017.

His recovery from a traumatic surgery at age 10 catalyzed a deep process of learning about the body-mind connection, which led him to study yoga and massage therapy as tools for healing. Struggling with ADHD at a young age also eventually led him to discover meditation as an invaluable resource for calming the mind and focusing his boundless energy.

After having a life-changing mystical experience in 2010 while studying cultural anthropology at the University of Miami, Colin began a deep process of personal transformation by studying and working with the sacred plant medicines of Peru during a semester abroad in 2013.

Colin has practiced many different types of yoga, but kundalini blew all of his prior experiences out of the water and compelled him to commit to a daily early morning practice before eventually completing his teacher training program. In 2017, Colin began to study astrology and has recently added birth chart interpretations to his services as an adjunct to his other healing modalities.


  • BA in anthropology from the University of Miami, 2013

  • Massage therapy certification from Educating Hands School of Massage in Miami, FL, 2017

  • Level One Kundalini Yoga teacher training, 2018.
    Fluent in Spanish.


Instagram and Facebook: @SatRandhir.

Therapeutic Bodywork, Yoga, & Astrology Readings


Colin's approach to massage therapy combines excellent training with a strong intuition and awareness of how the body's parts are interconnected, resulting in a massage that is truly customized. I came away from our session feeling deeply relaxed, but the results became even more apparent the following day when I felt more mobile and aligned - and also more happy and alert. I highly recommend Colin's services, and look forward to future sessions! 

Tara B.

I have been to several massage therapists in the past and Colin is the first one that truly understands what my body and my mind need.  He is not your typical massage therapist that does a 10 minute rub here and a 10 minute rub there. He finds the parts in your body that carry stress or have pinched nerves and releases them.  As I have a stressful job, I have a heightened level of anxiety and after each session my body feels revitalized and my mind calm. Colin talks me through every step and explains to me how everything is connected and how breathing and meditation can help alleviate my anxiety.  He goes above and beyond to ensure I am at peace.  I have recommended him to many close friends and I cannot wait for our next session! 

I didn't know what to expect from my first session, but Colin instantly put me at ease. His gentle and attentive demeanor will make anyone comfortable, especially people new to this kind of work. After speaking for a bit about how I was feeling in the moment, and what was on my mind of late, we began. This was different from other massages, in that there was a specific intention in every touch. He was very consistent about telling me exactly what he was doing each step of the way, so I understood his method, and to check in with me about how I was feeling.   

This session was very intense for me, and during two moments, I felt huge cathartic releases. I was overcome with a flood of emotions ranging from anger to deep love and started crying uncontrollably, but this seemed completely normal to him, and in fact during our conversation he had warned me this might happen. He talked me through what was happening calmly, asking me to breathe through it and let the emotions come over me and leave me. I wasn’t embarrassed or self-conscious because Colin created an entirely safe space where I could feel everything and really release years of pain that I was holding in my body.  What I’ve been able to understand critically through talk and therapy finally landed in my body, which was the piece I was missing without even realizing it! After our session I felt lighter and clearer than I have in a long time, and the release my body experienced is still paying dividends in my daily life.

Although I am a spiritual person and open to mind-body work, I wouldn’t not have believed this experience if someone else told me about it. Feeling it for myself really opened me to a universe of embodied practices that I cannot wait to further explore. I would recommend anyone struggling to release emotional pain, or just wanting to gain clarity and peace, work with Colin Fitzgibbon.

Ashley T.

This is a shoutout to commend Colin for his superior skill as a massage therapist. His knowledge of musculature is comprehensive and his willingness to adapt each session according to individual needs is greatly appreciated. I am a retired workaholic who has sought out massage therapy to help ease stress and muscle pain, including chronic back, neck and knee issues for many years. My work and travels have taken me around the world, and I have had many different kinds of massages in many countries. I can confidently say that Colin is up there with the best. Try him out and see for yourself!

Hala F.

Kevin C.

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